Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Честит Празник / Happy Thanksgiving

Today is November 21, 2012.  In America it's the day before the Thanksgiving holiday.  In Bulgaria it's a church holiday "The Presentation of Mary" (when she was 3 years old).  Below is an explanation of the holiday.

Above is a photo from my visit to the kindergarten class today.  We practiced our usual numbers, letters of the alphabet, colors and adjectives like big, small, long, short, etc.  Then I talked a little about Thanksgiving in America (well, I didn't exactly talk....I made a PowerPoint presentation in Bulgarian and one of the teachers read it for me.  She was great, she added explanations so they could understand).  Then they made pictures of turkeys - using an outline of their hand as a template.

I'm thinking of you and sending love your way.

Below is a video of the same children plus others who gave a performance for their parents after school today.  They made me smile a lot.....they were having a great time dancing, jumping, singing and going wild.  I love watching their enthusiasm for life and unbridled energy! I hope it brings a smile to your face too.

The Presentation of Mary

When the young Virgin Mary turned three, her parents had to fulfill a promise that they made previously and took her to the Temple of Jerusalem to consecrate her to God. 

They placed Mary at the first step. To the wonder of all bystanders, the small Mary managed to climb all 15 stairs by herself. Priest Zacharias took her inside.

Upon the permission of priests, her parents returned to Nazareth.

Mary lived alongside other girls and widows that served in the temple. St. Anna, Mary’s mother, joined her daughter upon the death of her husband.

Preparing for her mission, Mary worked hard, prayed constantly and read. 

When Mary became old enough to get married, priests asked her to do so. Yet, Mary told them that she wanted to spend her life devoted to God. Yet, priests decided to engage her to the older Joseph, a relative of her parents.

Throughout their life, Joseph respected Mary’s wish to remain devoted to God.

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates Mary’s presentation on November 21. The decision was taken back in 1929. November 21 is also the holiday of the Christian family and youth. It sends a message to all parents to guard their children and to take care of their spiritual training.

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